David Marcus, head of Calibra, the company headed by Facebook and which developed the Libra cryptocurrency.

David Marcus Created Libra Facebook Cryptocurrency

To gain the trust of the people we must commit ourselves strongly to privacy, and if people do not trust us they will be able to use the other digital wallets available: there will be a lot of competition”. This is the reassurance that has given users David Marcus, the manager of Calibra, the new company created by Facebook to launch and manage the Libra cryptocurrency. Marcus, the former president of PayPal, in Facebook since 2014, was first charged with developing the Messenger app; then in May 2018 Zuckerberg himself gave him the lead in the cryptocurrency project.

The very idea of ​​Libra belongs to Marcus. It seems he was the one at the end of 2017 to send a message to Zuckerberg to suggest that he create the “Internet money”, adding that he knew how to do it and how to overcome the skepticism of Facebook critics. The curriculum of Marcus then explains why Zuckerberg has listened to him: he is a citizen of the world, passionate about technology from an early age, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the ambition to invent new products and a rich experience in payment systems.


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